Who Is Dan Bunker

Who Is Dan Bunker

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Contact Information:

Dan owns and Operates Las Vegas Web Design, LLC.
News Corp Daily (Digital Broadcasting and News Media Conglomerate consisting of over 80 State, City, US, World News , country, and other popular Outlets.),  Skinwalker Ranch(An AZ. ADA licensed, Nest Run Egg Producer) and a Private Real Estate Investment Trust with holdings in California, Arizona, & North Dakota.

Dan was a Full Stack Developer at Players Network, and Green Leaf Farms International. $PNTV, $GLFI, (A publicly traded company in Entertainment Media, Marijuana Cultivation and Production, and CBD Products with operations in Nevada, and Argentina.) He is well versed in all programming languages and Database Administration. Dan has his bachelors degree in advanced horticulture from the university of Nevada Reno, and is a Certified Novell Network Engineer.

He began his programming career as a self taught programmer and digital media designer, and Entrepreneur for his own company in 1998 and has been programming and designing digital media for over 21 years as a full time career prior to joining Players Network.

Before that he was the Network Systems Administrator for Salt lake city school district, and IT manager in the oil and gas industry for a large private drilling company.

As a successful entrepreneur, Dan has owned and operated many businesses including a mining company (Previously, Highline Media Group Incorporated.) with 2 mines, mainly of beryllium and a Gemstone known as Red Emerald. He was Manager of Corporate Development for the Tuff Shed Corporation, and journeyman carpenter in carpenters union local #1977.

Dan is also a real estate investor and private developer of his own properties as well as a former campaign manager for the campaign to elect seat 21 Utah Congressional District and was manager of Peeps Pac Super Pac.

In his free time Dan enjoys Inventing, Innovation on paper (Has not found his Angel Investor yet.), and working on his ranches, planting vegetables, making beef jerky, and cheese, camping, fishing and spending time with his fiancee and his dogs.
Dan makes the self-proclaimed best beef jerky and homemade chili for miles around. His kobe wagyu steaks are sought after by all friends and family members; His smoked chicken, ribs, and steak are extremely delicious. He likes to think of himself as a Master Griller.